This delightfully silly visit to Hollywood in the 1930s is sure to be a crowd pleaser
for the Co-Op. Matt Lutz and Gwen Hollander delight as smalltown movie
fans Elmo and Ellie (he wants to write screenplays, she wants to be a star)
who meet cute and bicycle cross country to NGN (not a typo) studios where
fame awaits.

TV star Lutz and regional theater vet Hollander (the perky Amy in the
excellent recent Little Women tour) are wonderful musical comedy
performers and fine singers, surrounded by a scene stealing supporting cast
led by the wow-worthy Gina D’Acciaro as Bertha (the loudest belter in
Hollywood history), Robert Marra superbly channeling Gene Kelly as
handsome hoofer Danny (who just may have an eye for the chorus
boys–daring stuff for the Co-Op), Stephen Van Dorn showing off his gorgeous
operatic tenor with prosthetic nose and hair (head and chest) as goofy Tony
(wait for his act 2 surprise!), statuesque stunner Suzanne Friedline deliciously
campy as movie queen Lulu Beauveen (love that name!), Gus Corrado
suitably rattled as studio head Norman G. Neistein, and the hilariously quirky
mugging of Diana Georger as Tinseltown gossip reporter Adele DeRale.

Snaps to choreographer Alison Bibicoff for the 30s dance moves and to
musical director Carson Schutze (not missing a note!) at the piano. And of
course, none of this lunacy would be there without the inspired direction of
Jeff Maynard. Tales of Tinseltown is a winner all the way.

Actors Co-Op Crossley Terrace Theatre, 1769 N. Gower St., Hollywood.

–Steven Stanley
May 11, 2007

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