Fans of sketch comedy will find much to enjoy in Exploit This!, presented by the
Easily Distracted Sketch Comedy troupe, and now playing at the Space Theater
late night Fridays.  Written and performed by a young, attractive, and funny
quintet of comic actors and directed at a fast pace by Rick Ferguson, Exploit
This! is 60 minutes of frenetic fun.

Here are some of the highlights:

At a bake sale, two battling housewives engage in a hip-hop rap duel to see
whose snickerdoodles are the tastiest.

A young man brings home his fiancée, who happens to be a vegetarian… and a
chair. Focus on the Family’s worst nightmare. Let the gays marry and next thing
you know folks’ll want to marry their furniture.

A PC brags to a Mac that women can “expect pop-ups all night with me,

Ethel and Judy, the new owners of Coral Condos, trade insults, the final straw
being when Ethel spits out, “Judy’s 57!”

A laugh-track accompanied new TV series “For the Kids” (about couples who
stay together for their children’s sake) ends up with the battling spouses fighting
it out on the floor.

Two unemployed fairy tale princesses compare sob stories in geographically
untraceable accents.

Five young actors (our talented cast) unite for an honest-to-goodness big fat
musical closing number, “Don’t Fight your Type,” advice for actors who are tired
of always playing the same type of roles.

The five sitcom ready Exploit This! performers are Peter Berube, a blue-eyed blond
who looks good whether in an evening gown or in hip-hop garb; George
Caleodis, a heavy funny guy with a comic flair; Kristen Herbert, a tall brunette
who morphs effortlessly into a gray-haired granny and a platinum blonde
princess; Brandon McConnell, a cute and energetic Matt Damon type; and Jill
Slattery, a sassy brunette who plays the sexy roles with flair.  Most all the skits
they’ve written are full of laughs (with only a few groans or moans), and they
perform them with excellent comedy timing.

I don’t usually attend sketch comedy, but I had a great time at Exploit This!
Makes me want to see more!

The Space Theater, 665 N. Heliotrope Dr. Los Angeles.

–Steven Stanley
November 2, 2007

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