Run, don’t walk, to see A Big Gay North Hollywood Wedding!

With ceremony held at NoHo’s Saint Matthews Church followed by a reception at the theater next door, this Big Gay Wedding is two hours of interactive hilarity and a show not to be missed!  Trust me. You’ll be wanting to go back again and again with friends in tow.

And since no wedding would be complete without pictures, here are some from Joshua Mordecai Weinburg and Brent James Logan’s Wedding Album. 

Those who missed Josh and Brent’s wedding this past Friday will be pleased to know that the couple will be tying the knot again and again through November 21, and hopefully for as long as this terrific evening of theater continues to dazzle and delight audiences.


Guests included Josh’s sister Sarah Weinberg (Berna Roberts),  standing in for her child actress daughter (stage name Shannon Lamb), whose audition took precedence over Uncle Josh’s wedding.  Sarah did bring along a pic of Shannon, though.   Gay uncle Morty Weinberg (Irwin Moskowitz), who wishes he’d been born a generation later (in order to have celebrated his own man-2-man wedding) was seated next to his voluptuous niece Kitty (Jenny Gattone) and garrulous sister Myra (Evelyn Celic), the trio fresh off the plane from New Jersey. On the other groom’s side, there was Brent’s older brother aka US Marine officer Bobby Logan (Dane White) and his bubbly, effusive girlfriend Tiffany (Jackie Nico.)  Getting down on her knees would seem to be nothing out of the ordinary for Brent’s best friend Simone (Samantha Klein), who appeared to be carrying a major torch for her bff. Seen entering the church at bottom right are Brent’s none-too-happy -with-their-son-marrying-a-man-and-a-Jew-to-boot Phil (Bob Dean) and Donna (Jodi Harrison) Logan.  (Just get over it, folks!)


The smile on the face of flamboyant Kyle (Ronald J. Zambar) masked the heart of a man whose ex (Josh) was marrying another. (Next time, think before you cheat, Kyle.) Best man Gavin (Kevin Held) is smiling too, though the seductive pose of his boyfriend (and official wedding photographer) Blake (John McKutcheon) exposed cracks in their relationship, as did a very public pre-wedding vows tiff.   


Clarence Rodstaulker (William A. Reilly) provided background music for the ceremony on the church piano.  Standing in for MIA ring bearer “Shannon” was mom Sarah, preceded by the pastor’s wife (and wedding planner) Carol (Barbera Ann Howard), operating a portable soap bubble machine.  To their left is Josh’s handsome theater friend, Brazilian Carlos Vilela (Robson Vieira). 


Then it was Here Come The Grooms–Josh (Ben Rovner) and Brent (Sterling Price).  Following readings by Sarah, Bobby, an apparently dyslexic Simone, and Gavin, the Candle Lighting Ceremony was led by Pastor Liz (Carol Jones) and a lovely rendition of “You Are The Man” was sung by photographer Blake. Reciting their vows, both grooms promised to be both Master and Servant and to give as well as receive.  (It’s always nice to have versatility in a marriage.) 


Following their first kiss as husband and husband, Josh and Brent led the recessional to the cake and champagne reception which followed.

What a reception it was from the moment Josh entered in Brent’s arms.   


Drinks were imbibed. 


Speeches and champagne toasts were made and a portrait of Josh’s deceased parents unveiled.   

Songs were sung.


 and dances were danced.  


The cake was cut and served to the guests.  


Makeup was reapplied.


Some couples seemed happy,   


and others seemed not quite so sure how they felt about each other.   


What would a wedding be without a bit of violence?


 In the end, though,  it’s all about love.   

A Big Gay North Hollywood Wedding is the inspired brainchild of Paul Storiale (Twist, The Columbine Project), who came up with the idea about four years ago and then spent most of that time trying in vain to find a theater willing to take a chance on Josh and Brent. When reviewing a production of NoHo’s Crown City Theatre Company some months back, Storiale realized at once that he had found the perfect venue. Since CCTC’s theater is located on the campus of gay-welcoming St. Matthew’s Church, where better to stage a mock wedding … followed by a reception at the adjacent theater?  Crown City’s Co-Artistic Directors Gary Lamb and William A. Reilly were quickly sold on Storiale’s idea, and the result is, as they say, theatrical history–and a smashing good time!.

Created by Storiale, Lamb, and Reilly, with a script by Reilley and groom Ben Rovner (with additional material by cast members), A Big Gay North Hollywood Wedding opened on September 25 and has been extended through November 21. Set design by Dean Cameron, costumes by Caitlin Erin O’Hare, and choreography by Tracy Mulholland couldn’t be better.

The same can be said for the gifted band of actors/improv whizzes who get into character from the moment the first guests/audience members arrive, greeting them in front of the church, escorting them to their seats, and treating them to a myriad of dramatic/comedic vignettes before, during, and after the ceremony and throughout the reception. Expect to play your own part in this interactive celebration, and don’t be shy about getting up and boogying.  You might even catch the wedding boutonniere … as this lucky reviewer did!


Crown City Theater, St. Matthew’s Church, 11031 Camarillo St., North Hollywood.

–Steven Stanley
November 6, 2009


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