Singer-songwriter Patrick Alan Casey makes a memorable recording debut with Leaving California, a terrific alternative adult rock CD filled with some of the most gorgeous, powerful rock ballads you’re likely to hear this or any year. 


In addition to its title tune (a song and performance that could coax tears from a stone), Leaving California also includes as exquisite a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallellujah” as has been heard since the late Jeff Buckley’s 1994 recording, as well as powerful renditions of VanVelzen’s “Someday” and Casey’s own “Insane,” “Anymore,” and “One More Day.”  Nine of Leaving California’s fifteen tracks, subtitled The Sessions, have been recorded to replicate the sound of Patrick Alan Casey live in concert.


Casey’s rich, resonant, slightly raspy rock balladeer’s voice is one of the best around. 

Kudos go also to producers Jorge Vivo and Kevin Lambert, and Casey’s bang-up backup band. 

Leaving California should be issued with a warning label:  Listening to Patrick Alan Casey’s album may prove addictive.  I for one can’t get enough

 –Steven Stanley
November 19, 2010

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