As a sophomore at Los Angeles’s Hamilton High School Academy Of Music, Chloe Tucker was the first high schooler in the United States to star in the title role in Thoroughly Modern Millie, even before the show was made available to regional theaters.  Fast forward a few years and the L.A. native is about to return to Southern California in as Sophie Sheridan in the mega-smash Mamma Mia!  We caught up with Chloe to find out what it’s like to come back home in one of the biggest international hits ever.


Hi Chloe!  Where and when in your life did the acting bug bite, and what did you do when it did?

Very early on! I remember being no older than three or four and watching Funny Girl and Gypsy over and over again!  My mom enrolled me into a summer theater program called the Children’s Civic Light Opera, or CCLO, headed by Diane Feldman, when I was 5 years old and from then on I never stopped! 

I first saw you in the title role in Thoroughly Modern Millie way back when you were just a high school sophomore. What was it like studying in such an arts-friendly environment?

Oh my gosh!  Wow!  I can’t believe you saw that! Very cool. Hamilton, at that time, was an incredible program and I learned a lot, especially from directors Richard Schraier and Joe Joyce who I will always consider two of my mentors. Unfortunately, that program has really fallen apart without those two. I will always feel so blessed to have gotten a chance to work with them!  I will say, though, that I was very well prepared for what was to come at Hamilton because of my time at CCLO, that program really gave me a strong foundation. Every parent with a kid interested in the arts should send them to CCLO! 

After graduation, you chose The Boston Conservatory to continue your studies.  What made you decide to make such a geographical leap?

I really wanted to go to a Conservatory and had always heard such wonderful things about BOCO! Though I was only there for one semester, it was a wonderful experience.  

What would you say was your favorite role or production before joining the Mamma Mia tour?

Definitely Thoroughly Modern Millie. We were the first high school to get the rights to the show.  It was just such an exciting and creative time for me and will always be one of my fondest memories! 

Chloe as Sophie Sheridan in Mamma Mia!

What’s been the high spot of the tour so far?

This entire experience has really been a dream come true for me! After leaving Boston Conservatory I went home to L.A. and was really lost. I went to an open call for Mamma Mia! on a whim. Three weeks later I got a call asking if I wanted to be a lead on a Broadway National Tour!  It’s all been very surreal and I feel so thankful for this opportunity every single day. 

That’s such an inspiring story, Chloe! Why do you think Mamma Mia! has become such a huge success throughout the world?

This show is just so much fun! The story is so simple and yet so beautiful and relatable…and of course all of the awesome ABBA songs!! 

Chloe being interviewed on morning TV in Milwaukee

You’ve got stops in San Diego and San Jose before your week in Costa Mesa, but your week at the Segerstrom Center is your closest to L.A., at least for the time being.  How do you feel about your upcoming week in the O.C. and being back so close to friends and family?

I’m so excited!! I really haven’t been back to L.A. since this all started in August so I am beyond thrilled to see my family and friends! 

Is there any particular role you’d really like to sink your teeth into in the next few years?

Oh Gosh, not a clue. At this point, I am just really focusing on Sophie and doing the absolute best work I can possibly do! 

It seems that more and more young people are planning careers in theater, and specifically musical theater.  What’s your best advice to them?

Don’t give up and constantly work on your craft. And stay in classes always! 

If you could design the perfect Chloe Tucker career post-Mamma Mia, how would that career look?

I just feel so lucky to be a working actor and just hope to continue to do what I love every single day!

Thanks so much, Chloe, for taking time to answer these questions.  I look forward to saying Hi at the stage door on Opening Night.

Absolutely! Would love to say hello! 

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Mamma Mia photos by Joan Marcus. 

Chloe’s Mamma Mia! bio:
A graduate of the Hamilton Academy School of Music in Los Angeles, she also attended The Boston Conservatory. She would like to thank Eric Woodall for giving her this opportunity, Diane Feldman and Rich Schraier for always being her guiding lights, and most importantly, her parents who never stopped believing.

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