1897674_10152205934570419_297249700_n Singer-songwriter Joe Settineri offers up an excitingly eclectic dozen original pop tunes on his just-in-time-for-stocking-stuffing CD Beyond Your Control.

From the downright gorgeous title song and “Free Broken Heart” to the bubble-gum delights of “‘Til The End” and “Sidewalk” to the exquisite simplicity of “To Win Your Love” with its piano and string quartet accompaniment, each new track proves an infectious bit of musical magic.

The 1960s shoobie-doobie-doos of “The Day You Came (And Went Away),” the folksy, guitar-strummed “Sweet Summer Rain,” the pulsating drum beats of the oh-so catchy “Anywhere But There” and “Wish I Was You,” and the country-tinged “Little Big Lies” are still more winners from Michigan’s gift to the L.A. theater/pop scene via NYC.

jpspresspic1 Though I discovered Joe Settineri the actor-singer in productions of One Way Ticket To Hell and The Full Monty back in my pre-StageSceneLA days and had the pleasure of writing about his performance in the Gene Pitney tribute Town Without Pity a few years back, Joe’s second set of original songs (following his 2009 debut album Stay) is my first time hearing him on CD and it is a revelation.

If a signature voice is the hallmark of a star, then Joe’s achingly pure yet refreshingly quirky pop-rock tenor portends great things ahead for the strikingly handsome songwriter-vocalist with a gift for melody and lyrics as deeply meaningful as “It’s not who, but how you love, that lights the soul” and as simple yet original as “I’ll give my free broken heart to you, ‘cause I know you’ve been broken too.”

“My free broken heart…” Wow!

Free Broken Heart The CD benefits enormously from production by Brian Irwin and from the musicians who join Joe to provide backup (Irwin, Semion Kolbialka, Shaunte Palmer, Peter Smith, Andrea Young). D. Geoffrey Ross is executive producer. Lee Lessack is executive prdocuer for LML Music.

Give Joe Settineri’s Beyond Your Control a listen and then just try not listening again. I think you’ll find that any attempt to resist a second, third, and forth spin will be quite simply …

Beyond Your Control.