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Septuagenarian widow Virginia Carpolotti hums whenever she’s got reason to worry, and she’s got plenty of reason to whistle—and with Emmy-winner Penny Fuller playing her, audiences have plenty of reason to cheer—in the delightful, tuneful 13 Things About Ed Carpolotti, 70-minutes of one-woman musical theater showmanship at The Broad Stage.
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What a difference a director can make, and by director I mean MaryJo DuPrey, whose vision for Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde at Actors Co-op has inspired an outstanding cast and brilliant team of designers to take a play about which I had previously expressed decidedly mixed feelings and turned it into a psychological thriller par excellence.
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Some plays simply cannot be updated to the 21st Century. Take for example Wait Until Dark, Frederick Knott’s classic 1966 thriller about a blind New York City newlywed targeted by a trio of thugs out to find the heroin-filled doll they believe to be hidden somewhere in the walk-down flat she shares with her photographer husband—a play entirely dependent on there being just one land-line phone in the apartment and a (now virtually non-existent) phone booth on a nearby corner.

That’s why, when I heard that playwright Jeffrey Hatcher was adapting Wait Until Dark for the Geffen Playhouse “in a new time/setting,” my first thought was “They must be kidding!” Then I found out that Hatcher was actually taking Knott’s thriller back in time to WWII New York City and that thought turned to “Wow! What a clever idea!” Not only a clever idea, it turns out, but one that proves as exiting in execution as in theory.
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