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From the moment the lights go up on a mobile command center somewhere in the Iraqi desert where a hooded man finds himself strapped to a chair, a pair of jumper cables attached to his nuts by a military officer whose first words are “Whatsup, mothafucka?” you know you’re no longer at your grandparents’ Lonny Chapman Theatre as The Group Rep debuts Gus Krieger’s outrageously dark, outrageously foul-mouthed, outrageously funny The Armadillo Necktie.
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A ghost who can be seen by only a single living soul. An angel who must accomplish a mission before being given his or her wings. Playwright Phil Olson merges two tried-and-true genres to give L.A. audiences his latest, Mom’s Gift, a sort of Topper-meets-It’s A Wonderful Life dramedy that proves a crowd-pleaser in its World Premiere engagement for The Group Rep at North Hollywood’s Lonny Chapman Theatre.
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