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Save for one teensy tiny potted plan that doesn’t even make it through Act One, there’s nothing even vaguely botanical-looking in The B Productions’ 99-seat revival of Menken & Ashman’s Little Shop Of Horrors. What there is is an abundance of talent both onstage and off, making the NoHo Arts Center guest production a winner even if its central conceit (“Technology Can Kill”) will probably work best for those who’ve already seen Little Shop umpteen times.
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An edge-of-your-seat suspense-filled script, a mystery it would take a Sherlock Holmes to solve, courtroom sequences that would do Perry Mason proud, razor-sharp direction by Tony Pauletto, a topnotch production design, and crackerjack performances by a cast of twenty-four, most particularly by KC Clyde in the role that scored a pair of Toms (Hulce and Cruise) respective Tony and Golden Globe nominations, all of the above add up to a NoHo Arts Center guest production of Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men that rivals work being done by L.A.’s finest intimate theater companies.
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Does your upcoming 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, or 50th High School Reunion fill you with excitement and joy … or does the mere thought of attending inspire terror and dread? Either way, Marc Ellis, Michael Lange, and David M. Matthews’ tune-filled, feel-good musical Reunion, now getting its World Premiere at the NoHo Arts Center, is one invitation you’ll want to accept.
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Spring Awakening, the 2006 Tony winner for Best Musical, is back in town, an event that would be considerably less newsworthy were it not for the memorable directorial debut it provides recent UCLA grad Michael Kozachenko and the musical theater showcase it offers its talented young cast, most of whom are new to L.A. stages.
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ADAM & EVE and STEVE: A Musical

What if, before Eve was plucked from Adam’s rib, the Devil himself had stepped in to provide The World’s First Man with his very own Same-Sex Partner?

It’s from this titillating concept that Chandler Warren and Wayne Moore have confectioned ADAM & EVE and STEVE: A Musical (aka Adam and Eve and Steve – The Musical), a fresh new musical comedy so absolutely fabulous I can’t wait to see it again.
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If you could live your life in sitcom land and just forget about war, poverty, homelessness, and the complexities of human sexuality, would you?

Playwright Michael Elyanow poses this question in his very funny, very smart The Idiot Box, back for only its second L.A. production ever, and a highly entertaining one at that as staged by Theatre 68 at the NoHo Arts Center.
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The season’s brightest, bounciest, and most crowd-pleasing musical surprise turns out to be Colette Freedman and Nickella Moschetti’s Serial Killer Barbie, hardly the splatter fest its catchy albeit misleading title might suggest, but a show that anyone who’s gone through the 12 rounds that are Elementary, Middle, and High School can identify with and cheer.
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Stellar performances and a laugh-packed book are the best reasons to catch Richard Hochberg and Michael Paternosto’s SCARY MUSICAL The Musical. What’s still missing are the kind of catchy, hummable tunes that would take the creative duo’s deliciously campy send-up of Psycho, Carrie, Halloween, and other assorted scream-fests beyond its current NoHo Arts Center World Premiere run.
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